Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Phoenix November 15th

   Well we had a pretty good monsoon season this year, most areas in the northern bradshaws got around 14 inches of rain, some got close to 20 inches, unfortunately most of the creeks are dry due to last winters dry spell.

   California is preparing for heavy flooding this winter due to a strong El~Nino which means we will likely see some flooding in Arizona also. I haven't been out panning in almost 2 months as I am waiting for winter rains to start.

   For all you Road Runner prospecting club members out there, I will be speaking at Novembers meeting on Thursday the 15th, so if your in Phoenix and can make it to the meeting I'll see you there.

   Thats about it for now, hopefully the rains will start soon.

   Good Luck out there,


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Posted from you-tube comments

   Comment: I think I`d be getting a power plant and a vaccuum cleaner suck that whole area up even if it takes awile pickers that big .!!!!

   My reply: If I thought that would work I would do it, but these pickers are deep in the crevices and a vac just cant get to them. The dirt laying on the surface has no gold in it.

   Comment: Ya but how much are you overlooking trying to get to the pickers probably be few ounces in all that area -There`s some serious cracks there and to much garbage around it might as well do a clean up of the area and then with the dust gone the pickers will reviel themselves easier , Can`t hurt your going to win regardless fine or coarse gold. Geez thats a nice area Say do a 6ft block cleanup then wash it all .

   My reply: Lol, I spent 2 hours working around that 2 foot area and got the picker and some dust. Just isnt as much gold there as your thinkin there is.

   Comment: But being unwashed the gold is unseen - " I " would try it .

   My reply: You have the same mythconception as many people do. Gold concentrates in very specific locations on a creek, most the gravels in a stream bed contain very little gold, on some creeks you will only find gold deep in the crevices as the source of the gold disappeared years ago......

Good luck out there,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Early Monsoons?

   I usually start checking the weather forcast about the middle of July but today I heard a rumor so I looked into it and here is what I found.

   Im not sure if this means an early monsoon season, I dont think it does, but if nothing else Wednesday and Thursday are looking good for some panning. Even if we dont get any rain the temps will be low enough that I wont suffer heat stroke lol.

   Good luck out there,

Friday, June 22, 2012

4 weeks to go

   Well I did get out today and I uploaded a video, but it may be the last time until the monsoon rains start. Temps are already in the mid 90's here and will hit triple digits by next week, way to hot for panning.

   We have about 4 weeks until the monsoons start, which doesnt guarantee rain, and we need it as all the creeks in the area are dry. I managed to get a 2/10ths picker today and not much else.

   I'll be getting out alot more as soon as we get a few good storms through the area. Until then, Happy Hunting