Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Propanner.com is Live!

Propanner.com is live although the products page is still under construction, so for now goldtubeonline.com is still the place to purchase a Pocket Dredge (formally known as the GoldTube).

   I plan to have all the items I use in the videos, pans, screens, etc. available on the products page. Should be up and running soon. Over the next few weeks all my pages will be directed to Propanner.com.

   Check out the Black Sand Pirates tab. This is an idea I tossed around for a while. I finally discussed it with a few friends and it just took off.
   By request I added a few games so if you have time click on the Games tab. Be warned, Gold Strike can be very addictive!
   Well thats about it for now, Welcome Aboard.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

GoldTube getting a new name

   Have you googled the word "GoldTube" lately? Well I just did and believe me it's time for a new name. I'm leaning towards "Propanner's Pocket Dredge", but to make this a little more interesting you can post your own ideas for the new GoldTube name. Just post it in the comments section, and lets keep it professional ie I'm not gonna rename it "GoldBong" lol.

   UPDATE: So it's official, anyone who chooses the new name will get a free "insert name here" pocket dredge.