Thursday, November 17, 2011

1.8 Grams this week

     Had a good week, wish they were always this good. I did find another picker (actually its almost a nugget, it weights just over 4/10ths of a gram. Its the big one on the left.) from the dry creekbed Ive been working, and now I'm convinced there will be nuggets in this area.

    Starting this weekend, will now redirect to this blog and I will be water marking my videos with this address. I will also place links on my other sites that will bring you here. If you are interested in purchasing a pocket dredge you can contact me through my you-tube channel.

     Looks like its gonna be dry here for a while longer, and lugging water is not so bad, but it does limit the areas I can pan in.

Heres the take for this week....

Good luck out there,