Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In Phoenix November 15th

   Well we had a pretty good monsoon season this year, most areas in the northern bradshaws got around 14 inches of rain, some got close to 20 inches, unfortunately most of the creeks are dry due to last winters dry spell.

   California is preparing for heavy flooding this winter due to a strong El~Nino which means we will likely see some flooding in Arizona also. I haven't been out panning in almost 2 months as I am waiting for winter rains to start.

   For all you Road Runner prospecting club members out there, I will be speaking at Novembers meeting on Thursday the 15th, so if your in Phoenix and can make it to the meeting I'll see you there.

   Thats about it for now, hopefully the rains will start soon.

   Good Luck out there,